Individual Approach

About Sequoia Pathfinder Academy at Eastmark

One of the core values of our organization is that our school is a place where “Every Child is Known.”  This goes beyond simply knowing a student’s name.  The principal, teacher, and even our organization’s administration, help to make instructional choices to support each individual student.  At Sequoia Pathfinder Academy at Eastmark, students work on tasks which challenge them every day.  Whole group instruction is minimalized and individual work is emphasized. Each student is given an intervention period which provides individualized  instruction in an area of need or an opportunity for individualized extension in an area of strength.  Our school’s Instructional Leadership Team meets and makes recommendations for individual groups. Students are grouped without regard for grade levels and all staff (including the principal and support staff) work with students in small groups during this time.

Report Cards/Grades

Report cards are standards based reports on how students are progressing relative to particular grade level criteria. Grades are not traditional As and Bs.  In a traditional model, if a student receives an A in science, that grade does not give the parents or student information on how the student is performing regarding skills. Scores on the report card will be based on competency on grade level Arizona College and Career Readiness Standards. There is no extra credit. Report card scores are based on assessments and assignments which indicate the student’s performance on each skill. Assemblies will not recognize students for honor roll; instead, students will be honored for growth and effort.


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