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Posted On: 2014-06-10


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The leaders of Edkey Inc., formally known as Sequoia Schools, had a two part $12 million dream. The dream included building a K-6 grade school with an environment that motivated learning as soon as students walked through the doors. Part two of that dream was to build a new campus for an existing K-8 school that has been award "Excelling" and "A+" academic ratings for the past seven years in a row by the Arizona Department of Education. In August 2014 their dreams will become a reality with the opening of Sequoia Pathfinder Academy at Eastmark located at 4816 Eastmark Parkway in Mesa and Pathfinder Academy located at 2906 N. Boulder Canyon in Mesa.

Sequoia Pathfinder Academy at Eastmark

According to Sequoia Pathfinder Academy at Eastmark Assistant Superintendent, Tamara Becker, the new $6.5 million campus is designed to optimize learning experiences in all spaces. The school will have a "children's museum" feel, with interchangeable, interactive learning resources and demonstrations built into the common areas and learning boulevards (hallways). This unique innovation will help focus high expectations and a true love of learning for all students. All classrooms will have additional learning space to allow for small group activities and exploration of skills and concepts. The school will be home to 450 students in grades Kindergarten through 6th grade.

"From the moment a child walks through Sequoia Pathfinder Academy's doors, the campus will nurture the natural curiousness and creativity that every child is born with. By designing a fun, creative learning environment, students will be more motivated to learn in the classroom," said Superintendent Curt Cardine.

Academically, the new state-of-the-art campus will feature a proven approach to teaching and learning that integrates the content and skills of STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics). Programs will emphasize learning behaviors that include engagement in inquiry, logical reasoning, collaboration, and investigation. In addition, free all-day kindergarten, music and art classes, and after-school programs will be offered.

An outdoor interactive learning playground for younger students will allow for connections to learning to be made and understand the relevance of curriculum on a day-to-day basis. The student commons area will be a prime learning location in the school, it will house a library and stage for demonstrations and performances of student learning. Technology access and use is a major focus of the school, computers will be available in each classroom and as well as mobile lab. A multi-purpose room for P.E., lunch, performances, school-wide events and activities open to the community will be a focal point of the campus. Sequoia Pathfinder Academy at Eastmark will participate in the National School Lunch Program.

School will begin on August 6, 2014. Space is limited and enrollment is underway. To learn more about this exciting campus and enroll, visit or call (480) 351-8070.

Pathfinder Academy

Sixteen years ago, Pathfinder Academy Principal, Susan Stradling, opened her home and joined the family of Edkey, Inc schools by creating Pathfinder Academy. From the beginning, her tuition free, K-8 public charter school has been on a mission to build strong academic foundations through unique "back to basics" philosophies that have earned Pathfinder Academy the highest academic ratings from the Arizona Department of Education for the past seven years in a row.

According to Edkey, Inc. CEO Doug Pike, the overwhelming success and student waiting list were motivating factors for Edkey Inc to invest approximately $6 million in the construction of the new campus that he describes as a campus with an evocative colonial leadership style.

The new 34,000 sq ft campus, will serve up to 250 Kindergarten through 8th grade students. The campus, located at N.W. corner of McDowell Rd and Ridgecrest Drive in Mesa will include:14 classrooms, a large multipurpose room for sports and after school activates, a stage for drama classes, Art and Music rooms, a Library to facilitate the love of reading at Pathfinder, a serving kitchen for lunch and a new playground for fun.

According to Principal Stradling, the four day school week and award winning academics will not change. To enhance the State's curriculum requirements, Pathfinder Academy will continue to use Spalding Writing Road to Reading with an emphasis on reading the classics. By third grade students will begin to master over 450 Greek and Latin Roots that teach the vocabulary of all subjects, along with memorizing hundreds of short poems that teach math, history, geography and science. Arizona history and the U.S. Constitution will be studied along with historic field trips that enable students to experience what they have learned. A STEM-based science camp will also be offered every year.

Enrollment at the new Pathfinder Academy is underway and the first day of school is August 5th. To learn more visit or call (480) 986-7071.

Edkey Inc. is a paid advertiser of Sonoran Living Live