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Pathfinder Academy at Eastmark
Fact Sheet and Q&A

We will be scheduling parent information meetings in Spring 2014 – please watch the website for dates, times and locations.

What is name of the school and where is it located?

  • Edkey, Inc. – Pathfinder Academy at Eastmark is located in the Eastmark Community, which is located on Eastmark Parkway just north of Ray Road, in Southeast Mesa.

Is there a cost to attend?

  • No, we are a free public charter school.  Charter schools are organized and overseen by the Arizona State Board for Charter Schools as well as held accountable to rules and regulations set forth by the Arizona Department of Education.

Is the school affiliated with other charter schools?

  • Yes.  Pathfinder Academy at Eastmark is an Edkey, Inc. school.  Edkey Inc. owns and operates 16 other charter schools throughout the state of Arizona.

What is the expected start date?

  • August 6, 2014. The school calendar will align closely with surrounding school districts – Mesa and Gilbert.  We anticipate having an early release day each week, either Wednesday or Friday afternoons.

What are the school hours?

  • We are discussing 8:00 – 3:00 pm

What grades will be served at the school?

  • There will be 2 classes per grade level, K-6.

What will the average class size be? What will the capacity of the school be?

  • Kinder-20 (40)
  • 1st grade – 25 (50)
  • 2nd – 6th  grades – 30 (60 per grade level x 5 grade levels = 390 students)
  • We anticipate being able to support 400 students when at capacity.

What is the focus of the school?

  • Pathfinder Academy at Eastmark will be a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) focused school.  The school will integrate core instruction to address all the above areas to help students develop a strong educational foundation in these areas to enhance future educational opportunities.

Will there be full day Kindergarten?

  • Yes.  Kindergarten programs are developmentally appropriate and aligned with AZ Common Core standards, as is instruction in all grade levels.  Prior to the start of the school year, students will be assessed in order to structure a meaningful and relevant instructional programming based on their current levels of performance.  The instructional programming will be challenging and help prepare the student for a successful educational career. 

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What will the school building be like?

  • The building will be state of the art.  It is organized to optimize learning experiences in all spaces.  Interactive learning resources and demonstrations are built into the common areas and learning boulevard’s (hallways) throughout the school.  Classrooms will have a shared learning environment to allow for small group activities and exploration of skills and concepts.  An outdoor interactive learning space will help students make connections to learning and see the relevance on a day to day basis.  A library will be contained in the student commons area.  A computer lab will be accessible for all classes.  Technology will also be available in the student common area and in the classrooms.  A multi-purpose room for PE, lunch, performances, school wide events and open to the community will be a focal point of the campus.

What type of staffing will be in place?

  • There will be a full time principal, health assistant, music, art and PE teacher.  All teaching staff will be highly qualified and/or certified teachers.  The principal will be hired in the upcoming months to help with planning, preparation and informational parent meetings.

Will there be a dress code?

  • There will be guidelines for dress.  The discussion of a formal dress code will be addressed once the principal has been hired and parental feedback has been obtained via informational sessions.

What will security be like on campus?

  • The campus will be secured at all times by a gate.  Access to the campus will be through the main office only.  A security system will protect the building at time to ensure materials and resources will not be harmed.

Will there be after school programs to support enrichment and remediation for my student?

  • Yes – we will offer a variety of academic and enrichment opportunities in an after-school format.  There will be not be a before school program.

Will transportation be available?

  • We do not anticipate providing transportation. 

Will there be a lunch program?

  • Yes.  Students will have the option to bring their lunch or purchase a lunch.  A monthly menu of lunch options will be provided.

How will instruction be aligned to the AZ Common Core Standards?

  • Edkey Inc. has worked with staff to unwrap the Common Core standards.  As a result of this process, curriculum guides have been created based on grade level and content area.  All teachers receive these curriculum guides for use in planning and constructing their curriculum maps.  These formalized guides assure that teacher’s instruction is directly aligned to the standards.

What curriculum resources will be used at the school?

  • Curricular resources will focus on high levels of application through a hands-on integrated format to challenge students to achieve academic excellence. Resources currently used at sites throughout our organization include:
    • Reading – Reading Street, SuperKids, Trophies
    • Math – Everyday Math, EnVision
    • Science – Science Kits developed based on identified units and standards

What will be taught in the Art, Music and PE classes?

  • As with all instruction in the state of Arizona, special areas such as Art, Music and PE have standards articulated by grade level that will be covered.  Strong emphasis is placed on supporting classroom instruction in the special areas and these teachers will work with grade level teachers to enhance core instruction. 
  • Sufficient interest in orchestra or band programs will determine the scheduling.

What is the frequency of special area classes (Art, Music and PE)?

  • At a minimum, students will have at least 1 session of Art and/or Music and PE each week.

Will field trips be included in the instructional programming?

  • Yes.  Educational field trips that enhance instruction will be permitted.  Some cost may be incurred based on the experience.  Transportation will be provided for field trips.

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Will special education services be provided?

  • Yes.  Based on the needs of the student population the method of delivery of services will be defined.

Are parents encouraged to participate in their child’s classrooms?

  • Yes.  Parental involvement is a key to a successful home-school partnership.  An identified volunteer program is in place to support parents and other volunteers who wish to support the education experience of our students.

Will a PTO be established?

  • Yes. We are looking for interested parents to support the PTO. If you are interested, please contact the school via the email address –

What is the homework policy?

  • Homework is meant to be a reinforcement of concepts taught in the classroom.  A defined homework policy will be developed and articulated with the support of staff and parental input.

What forms of communication will be used to inform families of updates on the school and events?

  • Please watch for updated information on the school and events on our website at Additionally, for those who have pre-registered, email updates will be provided automatically.

How can I enroll my child?

  • To complete a pre-registration form please CLICK HERE.

For additional assistance please contact:

Parent Survey Results & Decisions

What time would you like school to start?

8:00 – 3:00 44.9% 22 responses
8:15 – 3:15 22.4% 11 responses
8:30 – 3:30 38.8% 19 responses


Based on this information, the school hours will be 8:00 – 3:00 pm

Do you want to have half day or full day kindergarten?


We will offer a full day kindergarten only for now unless more families enroll who are interested in ½ day.

Are you interested in a paid before school program?


Enough people are interested for us to look into some available options for a before school program. Once we have more details we will present the information for parent review.

If you answered yes to the previous question, what time would you like the before school program to begin?

6:00 am 2 responses
6:30 am 2 responses
7:00 am 7 responses
7:30 am 1 response


A before school program will begin at 7:00 am; however, we will work with the options for before school programs in order to determine the number of students required to be enrolled if a time earlier than 7:00 am is offered.

Are you interested in a paid after school program?


An after school program will be offered. We will gather information about available options for parents and share that information as soon as it becomes available.

If you would like a paid after school program, how late would you want it to run?

4:15 pm 1 response
5:00 pm 1 response
5:30 pm 1 response
6:00 pm 8 response
6:30 pm 1 response


The after school program will run until 6pm. Once we have determined the after school provider, more information about specifics will be shared.

What types of after school activities would you like to be provided?

Sports 24 responses
Arts/music 22 responses
Tutoring 9 responses
Clubs 5 responses
Chess 4 responses
Martial Arts 2 responses
Languages 2 responses
Cooking 2 responses
Scouts 1 response
Etiquette class 1 response


We will keep these requests in mind as we seek options for after school programs

Would you like to have school uniforms?


We will have a uniform shirt with embroidered school logo. These shirts will be available for purchase through the school. Information on pricing will be available soon.

Would you like to have a paid before school breakfast program?


No official breakfast program will be provided. We will be asking support from the PTO to help supply staff with nutritious snacks to offer students, especially in the event of a missed breakfast.

Are you interested in a paid instrumental music program for grades 4-6?


We will investigate several options for an instrumental music program offered after school or potentially during the school day.

Miscellaneous Questions and Responses:

Q:   I am interested in the ratio of student to teacher and if each student will be able to receive individualized attention when it is needed.

A.   At this point we do not have firm numbers to provide a teacher to student ratio. Individualized attention is a high priority. Our motto of “Where every child is known” is a serious commitment. Each student is not just known by name, but by individual academic needs. In order to assist classroom teacher, we have plans to hire para professionals to provide extra support and intend to utilize technology and other resources to keep students in small groups with individualized attention.

Q:   When will early release days be?

A.   Early release days will be on Fridays.

Q:   Will there be dress down days?

A.   Possibly. We may have spirit days and no-uniform days on special occasions.

Q:   Will the school week be 4 or 5 days

A.   5 days.

Q:   Will teachers provide me with a schedule of my child’s daily & weekly activities and the times at which they begin and end, especially lunch?

A.   Once teachers are hired, they will develop their schedules. All information about the daily schedule will be sent home from the classroom teacher and also be made available on the school website.

Q:   Will regular updates on the school building developments, staff and curriculum be shared by e-mail or is it recommended to continue to check the website?

A.   Yes! Please check our website frequently for updates and pictures.

Q:   What’s the mascot and colors? Will there be a foreign language option for 2nd graders?

A.   Our colors will be maroon and gold to complement our community and desert landscape. A mascot will be chosen by the students after the start of the school year. At this time, there are no plans for a foreign language program for second graders.