We use Everyday Math, a researched based program from the University of Chicago, as our math curriculum resource for grades K-6. The curriculum teaches math conceptually as opposed to procedurally. There is a heavy emphasis on hands on math solutions as well as games to provide practice and application opportunities.


Reading curriculum resources are through Benchmark Literacy. This is a non-fiction focused program which allows for a high level of differentiation. Students are given instruction at grade level, then are given opportunities to read independently to apply those skills at their individual reading levels through the use of leveled texts.


Students in kindergarten and first grade are introduced to complex scientific knowledge and academic language through the use of the ECHOS program developed through the Miami Science Museum (Frost Science).

Students in grades 2-5 use Engineering is Elementary, a program developed through the Boston Museum of Science. It emphasizes the engineering process to conduct hands on activities

Grades 6 utilizes the materials also from the Boston Museum of Science called Engineering is Everywhere. This continues the concepts of hands on experiments and activities to explore the world around us. Additional support is given through weekly lessons provided by the Arizona Science Center.