Now to Support Sequoia Pathfinder Academy at Eastmark and Get a Tax Credit Equal to Your Donation Up to $400

Just Click on the “Donate Now” Link to Make an ECA or Other Donation to Support the Children of the Sequoia Pathfinder Academy At Eastmark.

ECA Donations
All ECA donations go to support the school and its programs and are not used for general operations or employee salaries.

What Is An ECA Donation?
An ECA donation is an amount contributed to a public school, charter or district, for Extra-Curricular Activities or character development and for which Arizona law provides a tax credit to the donor. Essentially, you can help the school’s students and possibly lower your tax bill by making a donation.

The ECA tax credit is available to all qualifying individual Arizona taxpayers. You do not need to have a child enrolled in the school to take advantage of this credit. It is always best to consult a tax adviser to see if you qualify for the dollar-for-dollar credit.

A tax credit is different from a deduction, because if you qualify, you may subtract the whole donation from your Arizona tax bill. An individual may donate up to $200 and a couple filing jointly may donate up to $400 and receive the money back in the form of a tax credit.

Here’s How an ECA Donation Works:
Just click on the “Donate Now” button below and then select 100% on the “ECA Donation” dropdown menu or send a check to the school. If you qualify for the ECA tax credit, when you file your Arizona taxes you can subtract the amount of your contribution from what you owe or add the amount to your refund.

Other Donations
If you would like to make a non-ECA donation of any amount to the school just click on the “Donate Now” button and then select 100% on the “General Donation” dropdown menu or send a check to the school.


Once your donation has been submitted, you will be able to request the program or area where your donation will be applied.